Limberlost (Loblolly) Marsh

loblollyLoblolly Marsh is a part of the Limberlost Swamp, in Jay and Adams Counties, once a forested wetland of over 13,000 acres.  The area was the home of well-known Hoosier author Gene Stratton-Porter (1863-1924) for several decades.  A number of her nature-study books, as well as the novels A Girl of the Limberlost (1909) and Freckles (1904), were set in the area.  However, in the late 1800s drainage of the wetland began and the area was converted to agriculture.  Disappointed by the loss, Gene Stratton-Porter moved north to Rome City.  Beginning in 1997, the Limberlost Swamp Remembered group began restoration of over 400 acres.  The total restored acreage is now over 1,600.

Our visit will be led by Curt Burnette, Naturalist/Program Developer at the Limberlost State Historic Site and will focus on wetland birds and the restoration.  If you wish to tour the Limberlost Cabin, a discounted price of $3 a person will be available for a guided tour which lasts approximately 45 minutes.

For more information on the restoration work see  A bird list from June, 2009, is available at

The starting point for the trip will be the recently opened Limberlost State Historic Site Visitor Center in Geneva.  Geneva is at the intersection of SR 116 and SR 27, about 15 miles southeast of Bluffton or 35 miles south of Fort Wayne.  You can meet the group at the site or carpool from North Manchester or Wabash.  The Visitor Center is in Geneva (200 E. 6th Street), at the intersection of US 27 and 6th street, two blocks south of the flashing yellow lights.  If you wish to carpool, meet at 8:15 am at Manchester University Science Center on Wayne St. in North Manchester.  Please be sure to park in a spot designated for visitors. E-mail to coordinate a carpool from Wabash.

Bring insect repellant and binoculars, and lunch if you wish.

For more information, please contact Dave Hicks at (260) 982-2471 or

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