“Leave a Reply” of your recent sightings below. If you were unable to determine the exact species, try and describe some visual or audible characteristics and we will help to identify birds.


26 thoughts on “Sightings

  1. There is no water at the Flory-Gemmer marsh on the south side near the road. I have not seen anything beside redwings in over a week. A killdeer comes every now and then. Water in the creek in the woods around the corner.

  2. Hiking at Celery Bog in West Lafayette and noticed a large bird high up in a tree. Locating it in my binoculars I saw that it was the state endangered Osprey feeding on a fish. Fantastic sight and first Osprey that I have seen away from the coast

    • Very cool Dallas. I wish that we could post pics at this site or even on the FaceBook page. I haven’t visited the Marsh yet and hoping to help with the plantings tomorrow if my other duties permit!

  3. Field trip today to the Pisgah Marsh was a success in sighting several pairs of Sandhill Cranes! Thanks to David and Deb for showing us around. It was a great time!

  4. I go to the Flory-Gemmer Marsh & Woods Preserve almost every day. Over the Last month in the same spot in the creek I have saw and have pictures of a Muskrat, a Mink, and a Otter. I also have seen Eastern Bluebirds and Nothernflicker’s. And at the Marsh I have a pic of two Red Tailed & one Rough Legged Hawks. I just love going out there and will be glad when the water is back in the marsh.

    • I have regularly seen Snow Buntings near the intersection of State Roads 13 and 14 lately. I have been hoping to catch a glimpse of a Longspur but, alas, no luck. It’s good to hear that they are out there, though. I will just have to pay more attention to the fields instead of the roads next time I travel through 🙂

    • My best guess would be Cooper’s Hawk, given the surroundings. A very similar-looking species is the Sharp-shinned Hawk but, I have found that it tends to be less common in urban areas.

  5. We visited northern Michigan and Mackinac Island ,road in a wagon to the back woods. We stayed in a condo overlooking some ski slopes. This was in Petoskey. Do you remember why that? It was the last great nesting place o passenger pigeons. It is only one hour drive to end of lower Michigan. Here backed up they perished at the hands of greedy people. Their woods is gone too as they cut down every tree to get a few dollars today, no wonder no farming up there. Farming is the independent backbone of our Democracy. If you can make a living from your soil you are truly free! BR

  6. Found a juvenile sandhill crane with 2 adults in a bean field near whrere they reared 2 young last year, a big pasture on 600w off of crystal lake road, last years only successful nesting and pending further searching this year, Kosciusko county`s only successful nesting this year! B R

  7. My Summer Bird Count published in the Indiana Audubon Quarterly is going below usual. I reached 102 species at the end of June, but used 353 driving miles. I came up with 30 mile loop around Warsaw to save miles with 7 points of interest. I hope to stay with this loop until the 5 shorebird bump takes place at the end of July. Projected total, 115. BR

    • July 10 I visited Center Lake on my way to work and saw the first returning ring billed gull flying and land for a good look with my telescope. Also saw a bank swallow on a wire both new for my summer count. Bruce Ruisard

    • My summer count, I can say because this year I did it without help. Ended up with 111 species. Notable , I logged 556 miles in Kosciusko county in 2 months. One new species, cliff swallow was seen on second to last day consisted of I adult and 6 juveniles sitting on a wire. BR

  8. (june 4) saw two black-crowned night herons, one american bittern and a handful of egrets and great blue herons at arrowhead marsh (near fort wayne). they were all feeding at a small flooded area in what appeared to be an overflow from the little wabash river. they were spooked by the trains that kept running by but, they kept returning to the same spot to feed. maybe still there(?)

  9. Winona lake bicycle path woods, June 3. 3 Hooded warblers. One a good look of a singing male answered each time by another one. Parking lot at end of Boys club road. Right follow trail along creek, don`t cross creek, follow all way to wooden bridge, cross it , hike straight up hill ,cross 2 trails, turn left,north follow top of ravine, often change trails. Keep going they are there. I would challenge anyone to find them. BR

  10. Today I went to Gill`s junkyard at southwest Warsaw and walked around looking for a mazda truck. In the far corner I heard the unmistakable song of a Bell`s vireo. Wondering if from the RR tracks I could find it again.BR

  11. Jasper-Pulaski Fish and Wildlife Area April 17,2013, 6:30-11:30 am. No cranes seen or quail. At big lake 12 white pelicans, bald eagle, gadwall, many bluewinged teal,shovellers. Saw 5 woodpeckers,pileated,sapsuckers,downy,redheaded,redbellied. Saw many towhees and singing blackcapped chicadees. Suspect pine warblers in woods straight west one mile from area 3 parking lot, no trail. They were singing in an area of old red pines on a sandhill. Many field sparrows heard.

    • Found osprey nests being used on cell towers in 5 locations in Kosciusko county. 3 young and 2 adults at Pierston, 2young and 2 adults at Warsaw, one had no young. Total ospreys seen Thursday was 11. BR

      • Saw an Osprey hunting on little Chapman lake.Kosciusko county, this fall (September 2014). we watch for about an hour.

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